Band of the Day: Chaotic Five

Chaotic Five bandOnce in a while, a “novelty” band comes along that blows you away. The “novelty” vanishes and you just appreciate that they’re playing some damn fine music. Welcome to this fold Hawaii’s Chaotic Five.

OK, so the name makes them sound like something Stan Lee came up with after one too many Mai Tais, but the important thing is that they can rock.

Oh. And the oldest member is 13.

Formed by lead guitarist Kalliyan because she wanted to start a band, she got her mum to ring round her friends and provide rehearsal space in the garage. This was back in 2011 and led to a couple of local gigs in Honolulu.

Word spread and they recruited an additional member, taking them to five. They play regular slots (locally, obviously – no world tours at the moment), covering classic rock tracks from the 70s to the 90s. So, yes, I could have made them “cover song of the day” using one of the multitude of videos they have on YouTube. But they deserve a Band of the Day position. Because they’re brilliant.

Rock and roll has a future, and these kids are a part of it. Give them some support!

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