Band of the Day: Blowsight

Blowsight - Winter Show MercyThrowing this one up here as they’ve just released a charity single with all proceeds going towards helping the homeless. The song’s only available on iTunes and (note – Amazon is cheaper) so it may only be purchasable in the US, but either way it’s a good gesture. And a good song.

Blowsight brand themselves as a mix of infectious pop with the heaviness of a rock presentation. They’ve gone for the tag “PopMetalPunk”. In essence, there’s no arguing that. If I had to liken them to one act (and it’s tricky given the variety of their output), I’d probably name Papa Roach. Which is immediately going to make some prick their ears up and others roll their eyes and walk away. Their loss.

Take “The Sun Behind The Rain” as an example of the mix of sounds. The opening vocals sound very much like Theory of a Dead Man. Then the chorus kicks in and it’s much lighter with a floaty keyboard base. And into a spoken bridge partway through which leads to a more traditional metal instrumental break.

And that’s just one song.

Blowsight are from Stockholm and kicked off in around 2007. They won a major music competition in Sweden which gave them the impetus to release their first EP. In 2009 they were signed to Fastball Music (Germany) and launched their debut album Destination Terrorville. They followed these with another album in 2010, an EP in 2011 and Life & Death in 2012.

In between times, they’ve played the likes of Wacken and toured extensively. They do sound like the kind of band who’d be more than just good live – they’d be fun.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything I can embed below to let you know how good they are. I’d recommend the Reverbnation link, though, for a decent sample. And don’t forget to download that charity song, “Winter Show Mercy (Thank You)” from or iTunes if you can.

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