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Ascaris - InitiationLike a lot of people, the first time I encountered Ascaris was as part of the recent Svart Crown tour. Indeed, they gave me some of their time for a very enjoyable interview. And a copy of their EP which is formally released on March 24th.

There’s not a lot to tell about Ascaris as they’re a pretty new band. Formed in 2012, the guys have known each other for around six years and played in some combination in various bands before. They settled on a three-piece line-up 18 months ago and create their own brand of black metal, Gloucester-stylee. Well, I can’t think of another black/extreme band that routinely play in suits and ties…

They’ve done a lot of dates around their hometown, and the 6-date UK traipse was their first actual tour. Hopefully the first of many!

I’ve had a few listens to Initiations and it’s a damn fine release. Three “proper” songs and a demo make up the package which you’ll be able to get on CD or as a download. Keep an eye on their facebook page for details.

It’s the production that really sells it for me. As well as being decent songs, the use of samples adds an element of theme to the whole thing. In a way it reminds me of, say, Fear Factory. Not the musical style but the trappings around it.

Incidentally, they created the entire album themselves. Writing, recording, productions and so on all in a home studio. It really does show what can be accomplished these days without the funding of a label behind you.

At present, there’s nothing I can embed but one of their tracks (the demo, Crimson) is on their Reverbnation page.

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