Band of the Day: 15 Reasons

15 Reasons - The Art of CommitmentIf I was to do a series consisting of bands who come from cities which house oversized structures based on molecular structures, then I’d probably start with 15 Reasons from Brussels. I’d probably have to finish with them as well, because there probably aren’t any other cities with something like the Atomium in them.

15 Reasons are a 3-piece, two of whom have been around since the band’s inception and the third cementing the current line-up in 2012. With two albums already under their belts and a slew of live shows, they’re already quite accomplished.

Next week – March 21st – sees their third album, The Art of Commitment, being released. It’s a dozen tracks of traditional / alternative hard rock with a metal edge. The title track is, unusually perhaps, an instrumental and a very atmospheric one at that. Other tracks vary from the funky beat of “Humans Are Pollution” (which bizarrely makes me think of Testament for some reason – maybe the production?) to the haunting “Broken Zero” to the more driven sound of “Alyson Wonderland”.

Definitely a band with a sound of their own which may well appeal to a lot of people. You can check out one of the tracks from the new album below, so get listening!

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