Band of the Day: Septekh

Septekh - Plan For World DominationSeptekh have a Plan For World Domination although not, perhaps, in a Pinky & The Brain sort of way. At least I hope not. It’s the title of their debut album which is due for release in early May.

The band come from Stockholm, play death/thrash and have remarkably well-groomed facial hair. They also look about as mad as a bunch of hat-making hatters in a hat factory. Incidentally, as I’ve not made a teaching point on a post for some time now, the origin of the phrase “mad as a hatter” is down to the techniques and chemicals used in the production of felt hats. Specifically, overexposure to mercury fumes which led to shaking, shyness and erethism. So now you know.

Anyway… the band already have two EPs available (The Seth Avalanche and Apollonian Eyes) which are well worth a list to prepare yourself for the onslaught which is promised by the forthcoming Plan.

The new album was recorded at the legendary Silence Studios (that have housed all from early 70´s prog bands to The Hellacopters and many other of Sweden’s greatest bands) and engineered and mixed by Josef Zackrisson.

Septekh say the album will showcase where they are today in 2014: “We are extremely proud to finally be able to share this sprawling twisted creation. This is the Plan, everything that came before were mere stepping stones. This is the full grown aural beast of Septekh.”

Check out the video below for the track “Burn it to the Ground”. You can’t go wrong with anything featuring flamethower-wielding zombie nazis. Oh, and make sure you watch to the end of the credits!

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