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randomIf you cast your eyes to the side of the screen (and down a bit… keep going… bit more… wait, you can’t read this any more. Arse) then you’ll see the “Random Band of the Day” widget.

When I started working on this page in anger, my aim was to have a “New Band of the Day” every day. I’ve stuck with that for the best part of a year now and I’m still aiming to do 365 days on the trot before I even consider taking a break from it.

However, I had a quick look at the site stats last night. Over the months I’ve gone from an average 15-16 views per post up to around 280-300. This is great, and I’m assuming that not everyone reading them is already a fan/member of the band. Which is even better news.

What it does mean, though, is that the bands I featured some time ago aren’t getting as much exposure. So, being the central focus for the page, I thought I’d try and give them a second wind, if you like. Hence the widget to the side. It’s completely random, so you might see today’s band in there. Refresh the page and you could get one from last July. Whatever it is, when you’re finished the article you’re on, why not check out whoever it is? You never know, they could be your new favourite!

I’m also looking to see if I can find a way of adding a link at the top of the page that just takes you to a random page when you click on it. Or maybe moving the widget from its current position to up the top next to the page title. I tried this, but the formatting’s all to shit. May need some work.

As ever, if you’re a member, friend or promoter of a band (signed or unsigned, demo or 8 albums, whatever genre) then please drop me a line via the Contact Page. I do check out every single band. I will try and get you up at some point, even if I just sneak you in as an “album coming soon” article. At one “Band of the Day” per day, I’m simply running backwards as I get far more in than I can feasibly put up!

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