Band of the Day: Woahnows

Woahnows - The Joy DisorderFrom Oz yesterday to the UK today. You don’t do much longer journeys. Musicwise, also a big change: industrial metal to pop/punk.

A relatively recent addition to the Big Scary Monsters stable, Plymouth indie-punk trio Woahnows are ready to serve up the first slice of pop infused punk from their debut album next week, but before then the band will be heading out on an extensive European tour with friends in Cornish punk band Bangers this month.

Watch the video for their previous single “Low Machs” which premiered on Rock Sound down below.

Describing themselves as “indie-punk with a short attention span” the single is the perfect bouncing, major key introduction to the good-times soundtracks that Woahnows consistently produce – this is the sound of three friends just trying to make their point in the best possible sounding way, and if that happens to involve a few beer-soaked basement gigs along the way, then the more the merrier.

“Low Machs” is taken from the band’s debut release, The Joy Disorder EP, 5 tracks of rough and ready brilliance that clocked in at just under 15 minutes, and offered a taster of what can be expected from their forthcoming debut album. Think Against Me! meets Japandroids and Les Savy Fav, with Dananananaykroyd-esque guitarwork and gang vocals packed full of hooks and earworms.

UK tour dates and new music to be revealed very soon (although I think the tour dates are actually here…).

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