Band of the Day: Skywalker

SkywalkerWho doesn’t like a bit of Czech hardcore, named after a man who wanted to date his own sister? Headbanging and incest. There’s a combination for you.

They’re from Prague, which is convenient as it’s the only Czech city I could name and one of only two I’ve been to. What I do gather is that the Czech republic has a great metal scene, but I didn’t get a chance to experience it on my visits there. Boo.

Formed in 2010, they released their first EP before playing live… and the EP didn’t go down too well. With more live shows under their belts, they recorded EP number two in 2011. This one was given a much warmer reception. By the end of 2012, they’d released EP number three which was hailed as a domestic classic, and managed to tour internationally on the strength of the songs on it.

Skywalker manage to pump out some angry vibes with a clean guitar sound in the background, before launching into a harmonised bridge without breaking a beat. Most of their stuff is on bandcamp, with one of their more popular tracks being given the video treatment, as you can see below.

official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube | instagram

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