Band of the Day: Six Inch

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Six Inch logoAh, there are as many obvious jokes to do with the name “Six Inch” as there were with former Band of the Day Thulium‘s fixation with the number 69. But I, obviously, wouldn’t sink so low.

And if you believe that then you’re on the wrong website.

Six Inch are yet another band from Helsinki, a city I feel must have a greater concentration of metal acts per capita than anywhere else in the world (there’s a doctorate study there, folks). Formed in 2010, the band released a couple of demos before adding a violinist and keyboardist as permanent members. Now a seven-piece, they produce “dark rock” – some may prefer the term “horror metal”, but it’s all much of a muchness.

They’ve got a gravelly, dirty sound – something akin to Wednesday 13 tainted with Cradle of Filth. Not as humorous as the former, not as “fronted by a dick” as the latter. The keyboards and violins aren’t just there for show, either. They both really add to the sound. I’ve not heard any of their older material without it, but their more recent stuff makes full use of the recent additions.

They released their debut album, Melancholic Whisper of Life, in 2013 and it can be downloaded from the usual places (links below).

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