Band of the Day: Schemata Theory

Schemata Theory - Dry Lung RhetoricSchemata Theory are based in Reading, so I hope they’re not underwater at present. They’ve been together as a band since 2011 and within a year had released their debut album, Dry Lung Rhetoric.

This was very well received and the band have continued to push it, releasing two music videos from it.

But what does it sound like? Well, the thing is, it’s hard to really categorise them as they have gone for variety. They’re a six piece with two vocalists (as usual, one harsh and one more traditional) and the voices are key to the overall band sound. Beyond that, they’ve got crushing pieces, more old-school numbers and even a piano-led ballad.

And all this on album number one. Shit, guys, talk about giving yourself a challenge for your sophomore release!

The best I can suggest is to give the tunes a listen (and, obviously, if you like them then buy the album). Spotify seems to be the best way to hear all the tracks before deciding whether or not to part with your cash.

As an aside, I really like their t-shirts as well.

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