Band of the Day: S7N

S7N - FearlessThat’s “Seven” to their friends, apparently. S7N are from Mexico (another first for the page, I think – welcome, Mexico!) and their specialist subject is simple heavy metal. Thudding, churning, distorted guitar-driven metal.

The straight-forward heavy riffage reminds me most of the likes of Pantera or Texas Hippie Coalition, as do singer Mao’s vocals. Sometimes you just don’t need complex or widdly guitar work to drive your music. S7N is a prime example of this.

Formed in 2009, they recorded and released Fearless last year. You can check it out and buy it from the usual links below. Definitely worth a listen (and perhaps some of your cash). Incidentally, don’t panic if you see the price on Bandcamp as $84. That’s Mexican dollars – it works out as under £4! An absolute bargain.

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