Band of the Day: Our Last Enemy

Our Last EnemyDespite the fact that the country’s bloody huge, I don’t seem to cover many bands from Australia. Off the top of my head, since I started this feature I reckon I’ve done maybe four or five.

Anyway, raising the Southern Cross and storming out of Sydney (which isn’t the capital – no, really it isn’t. Please look it up) are Our Last Enemy. Formed in 2006 and stabilising into a five-piece including ex-Genitorturer (as in the band, not as in the bizarre hobby. Well. Maybe. I dunno. But definitely the band) Bizz who relocated from the U.S. to play guitars.

They fall under the broad heading of “industrial metal” and their sound definitely backs this up. However, it’s definitely on the periphery of what I guess I’d think of as the middle ground of that genre. The rhythms are staccato as you’d expect, but the lyrics are a little darker and less… cyber, I guess. Full use is made of a keyboard as one of the standard instruments as well. Something a few industrial bands try to hide away.

However, their industrial cred is exemplified by their forthcoming album Pariah being produced by none other than Christian Olde Wolber, former bassist of the band who arguably started the genre in the first place, Fear Factory. The first single from the album is called “10,000 Headless Horses” and the video for it can be enjoyed below.

The album itself is released in the US through Eclipse Records on March 11th. Not sure about dates elsewhere worldwide but when I hear about them I’ll pass them on.

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