Band of the Day: Modern Kicks

Modern KicksAh, the 1970’s. When music was either utterly awesome or utter shit, depending on your viewpoint. On one hand… rock. The beginnings and foundations of heavy metal. On the other… disco.


(OK props to Tragedy for crossing the divide with such flamboyance, but still).

Modern Kicks play rock’n’roll with a 70’s edge. Their more up-tempo numbers have an edge of punky harshness about that that makes you think “this would be good live”. They even have a slow acoustic number or two. It’s all good.

Slopping in from California’s Bay Area, they’ve avoided the obvious route of paying tribute to the thrash bands of the eighties and wound the clock back another few years to the glam rock era. Formed in 2010, they seem to have done well in a short time and their videos are top notch. I really enjoyed the one below, including the gag reel at the end! There’s a new one for the track “Just For Kicks” being premiered on Feb 14th as well.

Their debut album, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Anti-Hero, has been out for a while and you can grab it from a ton of places. The tracks are well worth a listen and it won’t break the bank for a download. As ever, links and sample below. Oh, if you prefer vinyl then they’re releasing a 7″ single through T&A Records in March.

facebook | reverbnation | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube

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