Band of the Day: Havenside

Havenside - Living Our Darkest DayEarlier this week, Havenside released a free track from their upcoming third (or fourth, depending on when you start counting) album, Living Our Darkest Days. You can find “King By Destruction” below. But who are they?

Well, they play hardcore/metal and come from a popular area – Sacramento, Ca. Formed in April 2006, they released their first EP that same year. 2007 and 2008 saw a new EP each year before the band’s self-financed debut album, Lost & Departed, in 2009.

Westcoast Worldwide picked them up and in 2010 their first album via a label was launched – Recognition. Two years later, they followed this with Nemesis.

The band are now with Innerstrength Records, and Living Our Darkest Days will see the light of day on March 11th. So plenty of material for you to have a listen to! Click through the links below and you’ll be able to listen to a lot of their old catalogue. If you like it at all, then pre-order their new one and have it on the day of release!

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