Band of the Day: Frail Grounds

Frail Grounds - The Fields Of Trauma ArtworkDon’t you love it when bands say they’re going to mix this style and that style, with a dash of something else and then stir in the other? I mean, come on, the whole point of genres is so that you can pigeon hole acts to decide whether you’ll like them or not.

And then along come Frail Grounds, formed in 2005, who throw traditional, extreme and progressive metal into a bowl, assault with a guitar-shaped blender and chuck out a release like The Fields of Trauma (released on March 3rd). I mean, come on guys. You’re making things difficult for us!

Following on from their EP Corrosion a couple of years ago, Most of 2010 was spent in the studio as the band began work on their concept debut album The Fields Of Trauma. The story follows an expedition deep into Siberia, questioning how far a person might go under extreme circumstances in order to achieve a sense of resolution.

The end result covers the genres mentioned above and, perhaps because of the prog element, really does provide an atmosphere as well as a soundtrack to the storyline. The tracks do vary, some more thrashy than others, some more widdly and prog. It’s uniformly of top quality, though. Something you can actually put on and listen to, as well as use as decent background music.

If I had to pigenhole it, then I would still put “prog” as the major part of the sound. Fans of that genre should lap it up (still with the food metaphor…) though it may well find a home in other collections as well.

You can listen to plenty of it online (links below) before deciding on whether to pick up a copy in a couple of weeks.

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March 20, 2014 7:47 PM

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