Band of the Day: Alaya

Alaya - ThronesI’ve had some info on this band for a while, but wanted to hold back until a little closer to their album release. Alaya are based in Chicago and produce a novel blend of prog, tech and melodic metal.

Formed as a three-piece and remaining as such, they prove that you don’t need a huge group to produce loud noises in a pleasing rhythm. Fronted by Evan Dunn (also on guitar), with bass from Michael Rinkenberger and drums courtesy of David Robison, Alaya started working on their debut album from the off and created their own self-recorded version. All thirteen tracks of it.

They pushed this demo around and it caught the eye (or more importantly ear) of Basick Records. Signed to them in 2012, they had the opportunity to re-record the album prior to a proper worldwide release, which will happen on 17th March 2014.

Thrones can be pre-ordered from Basick’s bandcamp page or direct from their store if you want a physical copy. If you enjoy the sample below, I’m sure more songs will be released to support the album as time goes on.

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