New Band of the Day: Tyranize

TyranizeOoh, a new genre for me. Tyranize class themselves as players of “plague metal”, essentially a subset of brutal death metal. Throaty, grunted vocals (think Cannibal Corpse) and heavy rhythms over crashing guitars.

They’re from New York State and have been churning out a bubbly mass of gorey metal since 2006. In that time they’ve supported a whole slew of household names (if your household is into death metal, at least). Yet remarkably – or perhaps through choice – they remain unsigned.

All the material I can find online is live, so I’ve settled on one of their many YouTube videos to give you a taster. You’ve got to love a band that has a song called “Flesh Soufflé” on their roster. And if you fancy them for your birthday party, wedding, or bar mitzvah then they’ll happily entertain the crowd for free beer and pizza.

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October 19, 2014 12:45 AM

[…] are a band I originally found rather randomly at the start of the year and featured as Band of the Day. They are a five-piece from New York state who play “plague metal”, their own sickening […]