New Band of the Day: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Invivo [Exvivo]Dammit. The email about this band was stuck in my inbox for about a fortnight before I spotted it, which means I missed plugging their album release. Which was yesterday.

It’s a bigger shame because the album’s so good. But, hey, all publicity is good publicity even if it’s late due to my inability to read emails.

So, The Last Ten Seconds of Life. They’re four guys from Mansfield, PA (as opposed to the original in England where the Mansfield Breweries started life) who’ve been together as a band since April 2010. Their two-track EP is available on bandcamp for $2 and it’s a nice introduction… if you can call having your face shredded to music that sounds like brutal murder “nice”.

The album, INVIVO(EXVIVO), is ten tracks of brutal mastery. It’s not just heavy, it’s crushing. This thing doesn’t leave bruises, it powders bone and leaves internal organs spread over concrete. The crashing bass and drums are accompanied by guitars that alternately grind and scream like the souls of the dying. Vocals are as guttural as a man choking on his own blood.

In case you’re not getting the hint, I liked it. A lot. Our 17-month old started punching the air when I put it on and I (generally) trust her as a backup to my own first impressions.

Check out the links below, give them a listen and – if you survive – get the album.

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