New Band of the Day: I Love Rich

I Love Rich - Respect The RichYou know when a band pigeon-holes itself as “sex rock” that subtlety has just taken a big flying leap out of the window. When the first track you notice on their SoundCloud page is “(You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On” you realise that subtlety and good taste have gotten married, jumped in a car and left the country.

The music itself doesn’t exactly hide behind euphemisms as you might already have guessed. A punky/rocky kind of sound, brash and bouncy with the type of lyrics that would make Steel Panther blush.

They kicked off in 1993 (the history on their website is well worth a read for anyone thinking of starting a band – it’s a novella) and have released a fair number of tapes, demos, live recordings and so on. Most recently, though, is 2013’s Respect The Rich which can be purchased as a shiny disc or from the usual online download-merchants. Worth noting that they’ve actually been going for twenty years. No long hiatus in the middle, but May 1993 to January 2014 spreading the sex rock word.

What I’ve heard of it is genuinely really good stuff. The “let’s be rude and swear a lot” novelty doesn’t wear off, because it’s backed by great tunes. Their website should be held in stasis as a historical artifact of what web sites looked like in 1993 as well. It’s pretty much up to date content-wise, but is as tasteless to a web designer as “If You Don’t Take Your Clothes Off, Tonight’s Gonna Suck” would be to a nun.

Yes, I like them. Thanks to Rich himself for dropping me a line about the band and I only wish they’d do world tours more often!

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