New Band of the Day: Egos at the Door

Egos At The Door logoNow this is a bit of a mixture of styles. Jazz, hardcore, screamcore, mathcore… A bit of everything in a Blackburn-originated pot.

They formed in 2011 when the band members were between the ages of 17 and 20. Already experiencing all the ups and downs of being a young and penniless band touring the EU and US East coast extensively off their own backs, they’ve so far released a debut album and single through Lockjaw Records and faced just about every hardship that life could throw at them.

They will be releasing a brand new EP later this year but for now are sharing a live studio session of new track, “Polar Perspectives II”, which you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

With a true DIY ethic the guys have pulled through a van crash in the middle of Poland, countless van breakdowns, collective unemployment and financial meltdowns, getting stranded in the middle of Europe and were forced to take a year out of playing entirely for a band member to recover from cancer. Egos At The Door is more than just a namesake for this band, it’s a mantra.

“We tour, play, record and write as often as humanly possible”, explain the band, “We are a part of a music scene that relies on each and every participant more than any other scene. This is how we like it and we are grateful for every small bit of help we get. Come to shows, say hi, drink with us and hopefully enjoy some of our music.”

Music and creativity are their life-force, often focusing on the topic of the human mind and taking influence from a wide span of genres from progressive, metal, jazz, hardcore, djent, math and all the sub-genres in-between.

With this new material EATD are back – stronger, better and more ravenous than ever with a brand new EP and are ready, once more, to do weird shit in weird places.

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