New Band of the Day: Crimson Chrysalis

Crimson Chrysalis - Crimson Passion Crythink Crimson Chrysalis are a first for the page, in that I’ve not done a band from South Africa before. Specifically, they’re from Pretoria which is one of three capital cities in the country. Yes, just to be different, South Africa doesn’t just have one like everyone else! Pretoria serves as the capital in terms of administration and is classed by many as the “de facto” capital (most of the foreign embassies are there), but technically the country has no official single capital.

And who says rock/metal is for the uneducated?

Oh, yes. The band! *cough* Lead singer (and pianist and guitarist) René van den Berg began her career in Bloemfontein (one of those other three “capitals”) performing Afrikaans folk music. As time went by, she got a taste for other styles and decided to try something very much different from what she’s done before.

Along with lyricist Esther Slabbert she wrote a slew of songs which would, more than anything, fall into the “symphonic rock” category. It’s definitely more symphonic than rock, and the music is very much written to support René’s distinctive vocals. Imagine the likes of Nightwish, but pushing more in the direction of Les Miserables.

Of course, the easiest way is to make your mind up for yourself and that’s why there are always plenty of links and a sample at the bottom! Their new album, Crimson Passion Cry, is out now.

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January 27, 2014 6:13 PM

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