New Band of the Day: Collapse (England)

Collapse shieldTurns out there’s more than one Collapse doing the rounds, so to clarify I’m doing the bunch from London. I might check out the others some time, though. The reason I’m covering them? They kindly donated a pile of merch to the Headbangers Balls crew to help with fundraising. That deserves a “thank you”!

Their music of choice is at the heavy end of the scale with fast rhythm and throaty, growled vocals. 2013 saw the release of their debut album Arms and the Covenant, which can be downloaded from the usual online retailers.

Definitely no shirkers, they’ve done well since their inception in 2009. An EP plus the album and tours with some very well known names, plus appearances at all of the best festivals. This is a band who know their stuff.

On top of that they’re a nice bunch of guys helping out a great cause. Check ’em out and grab a copy of the album!

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