New Band of the Day: Bloody Heels

Bloody Heels
Bloody Heels

Erupting in a cloud of hairspray and glitter come Bloody Heels. Based in Riga, Latvia, they’re Northern Europe’s answer to Poison for those who need to remind themselves what glam was like back in the day.

They’ve got the required staple tracks – fist pumping rebellion, sleezy sex-based lyrics and the obligatory slower balladesque numbers. Distorted rhythm, widdly leads and high-end vocals. Everything a growing hair metal band needs.

I don’t have an awful lot more information on the band, but there are quite a few tracks online you can check out if you like your rock particularly glitzy.

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May 8, 2016 9:49 PM

[…] think this is the second time we’ve covered a Latvian band, the last one being Bloody Heels from Riga. Saintorment couldn’t be much more distant in geographic terms while still remaining within […]