New Band of the Day: Unparalleled Height

Unparalleled Height - Rise of the Voiceless
Unparalleled Height – Rise of the Voiceless

Unparalleled Height are a self-managed five-piece from Pittsburgh. They’ve been around since 2010/11 and fall loosely into the metalcore heading. If you like stuff like BFMV or A7X then definitely give them a shot.

Their aim is to write music with a positive message or meaning. Don’t worry, they don’t hug trees as well. At least not on stage. As far as I’m aware. Hey, Hatebreed write music with a similar theme and I’d not assume that Jamie Jasta lives on a diet of lentils and kindness.

What’s for certain, though, is that Unparalleled Heights are good. Decent vocals and an interesting guitar sound for the leads. Their second album, Rise of the Voiceless, is out now and you can sample a few of the tracks online, including below…

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