New Band of the Day: Legions of War

Legions of War
Legions of War

Four years after their tremendous & merciless surprise attack entitled Towards Death in 2009 which took no prisoners (and highly acclaimed by underground media) – and their self-released thunder assault Riding With The Blitz (2011) – Swedish warmongers Legions of War come out from their long retreat with a new arsenal to take the world by storm! Nine new missiles made in the strongest steel with an incredibly precise strike force will soon be unleashed on Infernö Records under the name Forced To The Ground.

This new armada shows a more aggressive and still heavier side of Legions of War. Guitar riffs cut like scalpels, rhythms are like hammers coming down in a relentless manner, vocals are raw & scorched (but still very clear, no growls or grunts… or hysterical screams) and express all the atrocities of war like never before. The style is basically thrash with a very personal approach (the whole concept is about war, which means the sound is very cold) but has definitely a strong heavy metal influence. Guitar solos are the undeniable proof as well as some acoustic parts that will make your blood freeze !

This new assault will be effective by the end of the year (December 20th, 2013) under the forms of Digipack CD, regular jewel case CD and cassette.

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