New Band of the Day: Empyrean Throne

Empyrean Throne
Empyrean Throne

Running a little late with this one after a nice request to help publicise their CD release party. My apologies to Empyrean Throne and their publicists for my tardiness!

You’ve not missed the event, though, so if you’re in the Anaheim area and fancy a good night out on Saturday 14th (and want to sink a few beers to help me commiserate 40 years on this blasted planet) then get yourself over to Mirror Image Studios at 7pm with $10 to get in. It’s a bit of a journey foe me so I’ll skip it ;) Feel free to add yourself to the event’s facebook page.

There they will be releasing their debut album, Demonseed, six tracks of blackened death metal with elements of symphonic and technical influences. You can already download the album from their bandcamp page (link below), but music’s always better live!

Their free single is below, give them a check out and those of you in the neighbourhood know where you’re going for drinks on Saturday now.

facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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