New Band of the Day: Coroner for the Police

Coroner for the Police
Coroner for the Police

I have to say that Coroner for the Police have one of the more imaginative names for a band that I’ve heard for a while. Their musical style is equally as unique, sounding like (their words) “Al Capone jamming with The Raconteurs, Black Keys & QOTSA“.

So proper “gangster” music rather than the poorly-spelled and even more poorly-judged “gangsta” crap. Possibly as they’re from the UK and therefore have a superior control of spelling/grammar. They have a notable bluesy style, along with a nice punk rock overtone that works really well to give catchy tunes and fun lyrics.

Definitely a band with a sense of humour as well as a decent flair for the musical, as the video I’ve picked to attach below will show.

They’ve got a ton of material online across plenty of links so enjoy clicking about and – as ever – give them your attention if you like them!

official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube | songkick | bandcamp |


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