New Band of the Day: Ashen Earth

Quite a short article today as I’m in a rush to get our middle one from school! Bryant from Ashen Earth dropped me an email and asked me to check out the band for inclusion which – as I always do with requests – I did.

ashen-earth-ashen-earthThey’re a five-piece from San Diego and the only thing I know about that city is it’s where the Chargers play (played? Things change!). However it can now also claim to be home to a very good death metal act who actively admit to liking general dickishness. More bands should embrace this example of honesty!

They have recently released a debut album, a track from which is available below. Definitely check out some of their other material if you enjoy it. Some good guitar work in there on top of the bass/drum beats. Classic death style vocals from Jeff as well.

Ashen Earth: facebook | youtube | reverbnation | twitter | myspace | tumblr | blogspot

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