New Band of the Day: American Fangs

American Fangs
American Fangs

I saw these guys opening for Papa Roach the other week and thought they deserved an article of their own. I only saw their last 2-3 tracks, but they were good enough to get the crowd going and certainly put a lot of effort into their live performance.

American Fangs were touring in support of their debut album Pomona – eleven tracks of raging, punk-influenced shouty rock music. This is, simply, a band that likes to have fun and creates music that helps their fans to do the same thing.

They’re also a band that likes to engage well with their fans, which deserves some extra credit so do follow them on Twitter and facebook if you like them.

The attached track, “Brazillian Axe”, is previously unreleased and the band used it as part of a competition. Retweet, share and so on – it’s free for distribution everywhere.

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