New Band of the Day: Slovenly World

Slovenly World
Slovenly World

Another day, another French band making me wonder why more Gallic acts aren’t selling a shedload of albums and conquering us in a way they never could all those hundreds of years ago. He said, ignoring such little things as the Norman conquests.

Hell, Slovenly World probably contain more metal than a small fort full of knights and they’re heavy enough to require a trebuchet to launch them over castle walls.

Brutal, fast and slipping in some melodic lead vocals just to keep you off-balance, this is a band that’s well worth a few mouse-clicks. Go on, just play the video beneath. That should be enough to encourage you to like them on facebook and download their EP (for free!) from BandCamp.

Slovenly World: facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube | myspace |

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