New Band of the Day: Rain May Fall

Rain May Fall
Rain May Fall

Ah, Liverpool. Home of the Mersey, the Liver Building (which isn’t shaped like an internal organ, what a let-down), the Beatles, and more stolen hubcaps per capita than any other city in the UK.

And Rain May Fall, a Rock/Metal/Grunge/Stoner five-piece made up of former members of local bands Zuprowski Connection and Under God Fury.

I’m featuring them as they “have played or will be playing” at LesFest up in Scotland, as well as the usual reason – that they’re a small (for the moment), unsigned (for the moment) rock act.

Claiming to have music that has “catchy grooves, massive riffs and unforgettable hooks”, they don’t disappoint on this score in the slightest. A very Southern Metal (Pantera-esque) feel to the sound comes through. Heavier than you might think and I can see them crushing it live.

Not a lot of other information about them that I can find, so settle for listening to their rather excellent music and giving the a “like” on facebook. And make sure you turn up to see them live if they’re playing near you!

official | facebook | twitter | reverbnation | soundcloud


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