New Band of the Day: Love Cream

Love Cream
Love Cream

Hmm. Yes. I hear “Love Cream” and I think of a lyric that Steel Panther or Spinal Tap would use. But in this case, it refers to a bunch of nutters from Adelaide who have pledged to “put the balls back into rock”. Something, by all accounts, it seems they’re doing. In spades.

Their first gig was a battle of the bands. Which they won. They then entered an all-genres talent competition for a giggle. And won it. With the money from that, the decided to take the EP they were working on and produce a full album instead.

That album, First Taste, is due out on December 20th. In the meantime, there’s a single with two B-sides available to download from bandcamp. Or you could listen to the A-side below.

Sound-wise, think of something like Whitesnake meets Tigertailz. Or Skid Row meets Faster Pussycat. They’re putting the cock back into cock rock, frankly, but I don’t think any publicist would let them use that on a marquee hoarding.

From zero to “bloody hell” in under two years is impressive. There must be something about this lot that’s got them this much interest. So shouldn’t you give them a listen and find out what it is? As they band themselves say: Prepare To Be Creamed.

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