New Band of the Day: Kontrust


This band have been on my NBotD list for ages, and on my regular playlist in the car for every bit as long. They’re great fun, a fusion of heavier stuff and more bouncy rhythms. Oh, and the female vocalist is well fit.

They’ve been around as Kontrust since 2001, and hail from Austria although the aforementioned lead singer is Polish. They aren’t a small group, with six (or seven – depends where you look) members listed. However, the sound they produce does need such a sizeable group as they don’t so much play “crossover” music as play two actual full styles and let them crash into one another.

I like them for a couple of reasons (and I’m not talking about Agata’s *cough*) – their heavier bits are really headbangingly heavy, while the dancier bits are so catchy you end up humming the rhythm for ages afterwards. Little Mister loves them as well. I caught him singing along to a couple of their tracks in the car recently.

To top it all, they’re good live as well. Dig around on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of festival footage of them.

Silly band, great fun. Well worth checking out. There are three albums to work your way through, but I do think they’ve got it just spot on with the current release, Second Hand Wonderland.

official | facebook | twitter | youtube | | myspace


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September 11, 2014 1:27 PM

[…] New Band of the Day: Kontrust ( […]

November 18, 2014 12:35 AM

[…] Kontrust are one of the most entertaining bands I’ve discovered in the last couple of years and I was very impressed with their Second Class Wonderland album – enough to make them Band of the Day a year ago. […]