New Band of the Day: Kings In Pieces

Kings In Pieces
Kings In Pieces

Another from my huge pile of bands waiting to be featured (seriously, folks – I was running out and now I’m buried!) is Detroit’s Kings In Pieces. Not the first band from the US’s troubled ex-car capital to be featured on these pages, and hopefully not the last. What it lacks in economic know-how, Detroit makes up for with decent music.

Well, kind of. As the band themselves admit, they couldn’t quite crack it in Detroit. After starting off in 2007, by 2008 they were ranked the best unsigned band in the area, and a top act that didn’t quite smash through the glass ceiling locally. When the economy crashed, so did the scene and it made it even harder to get anywhere.

So they moved to Nashville.

Welcomed with open arms by the rock community there, they set themselves up quickly with a good fan base and went on to produce their first EP in late 2011.

Kings in Pieces play “rock”. That’s nice and easy. They’re a three-piece which will help with the bills: James on vox/guitars, Kyle on drums and Johnny on bass. They play acoustic and plugged gigs, and have worked with members of (amongst others) INXS, Megadeth and Creed. Eclectic.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say (over here, anyway), so check out their links and video below and give them a “like” and a “follow” if they’re your cup of… erm… pudding.

officialfacebook | twitter | reverbnation | myspace | youtube

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