New Band of the Day: Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson
Hamish Anderson

Not so much a band as an act/individual, but Australia make another appearance in the NBotD pages with Melbourne-ite Hamish Anderson.

Aged only 21, he’s been doing the rounds of Melbourne’s music circuit for a couple of years. He plays a mix of music, but mainly all blues-based. Some acoustic stuff, through to heavier footstomping tunes with vocal distortion.

His debut EP is out very soon (early next year) and showcases him well. The first single from it, “Howl” is available to stream online at the moment and you can find it at the bottom.

He’s turned enough heads to have played in both the UK and US recently, and his choice seems to be to release EPs rather than albums as he still feels his musical direction is developing. Not a bad plan, and nicely between the old “album buying” public and the younger “individual tracks” audience.

official | facebook | soundcloud | youtube

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March 24, 2017 3:16 AM

He’s released his debut album, Trouble now too.
So fun to read this three years later!