New Band of the Day: Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow
Every Knee Shall Bow

Arkansas attempts to make up for a name that’s pronounced in a completely nonsensical manner by giving us Every Knee Shall Bow. Influenced by the likes of Testament, Pantera and Exodus, these four guys play – and I quote – “metal”.

If I read their blurb correctly, they formed in 2008 when the band members were aged (get this) 21, 16, 8 and 9. A bit unusual for four lads of those ages to be hanging together? Oh, it’s because they’re all brothers. The fifth member joined in 2010 to round out their sound.

Now they do a good job of playing live sets and released their debut album – Slayers of Eden – in early 2013.

There’s no mention in any of their blurb, but looking at some of their press makes me think they’re a Christian metal band. However, as with other bands of this genre I’ve featured before, don’t let this put you off giving them a listen. They’re not at all preachy and, most importantly, the music’s good.

Don’t believe me? Check below…

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