New Band of the Day: Dreadful


OK, that’s a novel idea. I am assuming these guys were going for “full of dread” rather than “a bit shit” as the meaning behind their name. Either way, that’s the one they’re stuck with now, unless they go down a “Jefferson Airplane” / “Starship” path, renaming themselves every few months because… well, because why not?

They’re from Pihtipudas in Finland, and therefore should know their metal. I gather ever Fin is injected with molten steel at the age of one as part of some bizarre rite. Probably followed by a nude sauna and Megadeth karaoke until the sun rises. In March.

Adding a drop of groove into the melodic death mix, they’ve gathered quite a following in their six or so years as a group. They’ve finally gone into the studio to work on their debut album which is either out just now, or fairly soon. Sorry – I can’t spot a date on their facebook page anywhere.

They definitely don’t live up to their name, though I do wonder if they finish they’re live shows with “We’ve been Dreadful! Thanks!”

Plenty of links to check out and a whopping twenty four free tracks available via the stereokiller one. Enjoy!

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