New Band of the Day: Colossus of Destiny

Colossus of Destiny - In Lesser Brightness
Colossus of Destiny – In Lesser Brightness

Julien dropped me an email to bring  my attention to Paris’s Colossus of Destiny. I’ve found a few good bands coming out of France, and they’re definitely in a position to be amongst them.

Apparently they play a “Smashing-Heavy-Rock influenced by the first productions of band such as Chevelle, Baroness, Kylesa, Unsane, Taint”. I’m guessing my “first productions”, we mean rough around the edges… unpolished. And that’s how rock should be. Hey, look at Lemmy. There’s a man who tells you that the best things in life come as they are – warts and all.

Their soundcloud tag is “post hardcore” which is about a vague a description as you can have these days. There’s certainly an angry sound to them, and the tunes carry some imaginative rhythms. Heavy, but easy to get into.

Formed in 2009, they’ve got three EPs out – Colossus of DestinyEden and the most recent, In Lesser Brightness. I’ve scoured the online media and can happily tell you that they’re all pretty damn good!

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