New Band of the Day: A Band of Orcs

A Band of Orcs
A Band of Orcs

Sometimes it’s nice to just be a bit silly. Thankfully, metal is known for having an in-built sense of humour which throws up wonderfully daft bands like Green Jellÿ, GWAR, Nekrogoblikon, Bring Me The Horizon… OK, so BMTH are anything but wonderful but they are a comedy act. Aren’t they?

Add to that list the insane mentalness that is A Band of Orcs. They’re orcs. Who play metal. That seems simple enough.

ABoO’s five members use flayed human skeletons to form their instruments, and the blood dripping from the torn sinews adds to their messy, hell-born sound. Or something. They’re doing a good enough job of converting followers, or at least scaring the hell out of them to the point where they buy albums, as the band has two releases so far.

Warchiefs of the Apocalypse was released on Halowe’en 2007, and was followed by Adding Heads To The Pile on the same date in 2012.

They’ve also got some influential promotion as their general manager fronts both Kataklysm and Ex Deo. If there’s a man I’ve met who knows his metal, it’s Maurizio Iacono. So madcap costumes and backstory aside, you know the music’s going to be nice and heavy.

So sit back, click the links and enjoy the madness that is the orc invasion!

official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube | reverbnation | myspace | soundcloud

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