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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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New Bands of the Day: Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork

Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork - The Dopamine Recursive

Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork – The Dopamine Recursive

Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork have worked together on the very progressive The Dopamine Recursive EP, hence the dual billing. A first ever for the New Band of the Day page, I think!

Now, I don’t have a lot of information about the bands, but from what I can gather they are both “one man” acts, who worked together occasionally – a remix here and there. They talked about doing something a little more solid and creative, and this nine-track EP is the result.

It’s very much a mood piece with only a small amount of vocal work (an audio sample) on one track, everything else being instrumental. On the whole it’s really laid back and “let it wash over you” stuff. This isn’t the kind of prog that chances pace and tempo on a whim, it’s the type you’d imagine Pink Floyd relaxing to with a particularly large… erm… medicinal cigarette.

The one standout thing to me – I’m a geek – is that there isn’t just a really cool computer-generated fractal album sleeve. There’s a really cool computer-generated fractal image for each track on the EP as well. All artwork is done by the recording artists, making this a very tight, personal project for the guys involved.

Midnight Moodswings have full album, The Surrogate Piano, coming out in November as well, so if this sort of music floats your boat then it could be worth your while liking their facefart page for updates.

(if the bandcamp media player above is still broken – their support staff are on holiday at the moment! – then please visit the band’s bandcamp page where you can listen to the whole EP and purchase it if you wish!)

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