New Band of the Day: Twelve Clay Feet

Twelve Clay Feet
Twelve Clay Feet

Cambridge seems to be well known for academia and light entertainers, but not so much for music (please correct me if I’m wrong). Here to redress the balance is Twelve Clay Feet – four guys playing some remarkably laid back guitar-led rock.

Featuring two twin brothers and two other chaps, Twelve Clay Feet formed in 2010 and released their first album – Totem Bells – in 2012.

Well, that album did well enough that they’re following it up on November 11th with a further offering entitled More Naked Than Obscene. Featuring ten tracks of varying degrees of rockiness, it’s a very good listen.

They’re hard to pin down to an actual style. They’re quite light – very radio friendly – with an alternative edge. They class themselves as “indie/rock”, but from song to song the style varies enough that it does hold your interest on each listen.

My pick from the album is “Rags and Bones”, but unfortunately that’s not one of the ones they’ve released a promo video or anything for, so you’ll just have to get the album to hear it. However, they have chucked a lot of time and money into a couple of others, one of which I’ve attached below. I plumped for “Wrecking Ball” because the video’s just that right kind of weird.

As with many bands these days, they’re leaving no digital stone unturned and you can sample their wares on many sites.

Oh, and with luck I’ll have an interview with them shortly. My fault for any delay as I’m buried with work at the moment and struggling to make time to get Moshville Times stuff done at present!

Official | facebook | twitter | youtube | myspace | | soundcloud

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November 3, 2013 1:21 AM

[…] Featured as New Band of the Day recently, I had a chance to speak to Ian Jeffs of Twelve Clay Feet. He and his twin brother got the band going and now they appear to be on the cusp of big things with their new album More Naked Than Obscene getting very good reviews in the press. It’s out on November 11th if this interview and any samples you get to hear pique your interest. […]