New Band of the Day: Tears of Martyr

Tears of Martyr
Tears of Martyr

I’m going to do something unusual today in featuring two videos from the same band, but I’ll get to the “why” in a bit. First of all, to introduce Tears of Martyr.

Doramas, who drums for the band, dropped me a line to point me at their recent album release, Tales, and let me know about their videos. A quick listen to the previews of the songs gives a flavour of their sound – orchestral melodic death probably covers it. Soaring female leads backed by gutteral male vocals, catchy rhythms, twiddly guitars and head-pounding heavier segments.

However, to get a fuller impression I watched the video they’ve just released for the track “GoleM” which is on the album. It’s definitely worth five minute as it gives a much better feel for their music and it happens to be a rather cool video.

Normally, I’d leave it at that, but while looking at their facefart page I spotted that someone had uploaded a live video from a couple of weeks ago. As a rule, I don’t put live videos up on here unless the quality is good enough. Usually they’re recorded on someone’s phone and the sound’s so bad there’s no point in using them as a sample for the artist.

This one, thankfully, is good. The video’s a bit fuzzy but what I was after was the sound. You see, lead singer Berenice Musa has one hell of a voice. In fact,they bill her as “soprano” rather than “vocals”. I was interested in seeing how she managed live compared to the studio singing – after all, cutting it live is what separates quality acts from those who can just afford a lot of recording time.

I wasn’t disappointed. As well as the musical elements of the band playing up a storm, her singing is perfect. And that’s why you’re getting two videos instead of one. “GoleM” is a great song and they’ve obviously put a lot of work into the promo. “Vampires of the Sunset Street” isn’t a good a song, in my opinion, but you have to hear Berenice singing live.

Oh, final details – they’re originally from the Canary Islands, but relocated to Madrid which seems to have worked well for them. As well as the links above, they also have their own official website.

Now enjoy the videos!

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