New Band of the Day: Stone Diamond

Stone Diamond
Stone Diamond

Following on from yesterday’s young upstarts, today I feature another band releasing an album on November 11th. This time, though, we’ve got a trio of rockers who’ve been in the business for twenty or so years, but recording together for the first time.

Coming from New York and Cologne (so, you know, just round the corner from each other) are Cy, Josh and The Tongue. Which, if you ask me, sounds more like a series of kids’ books. What they actually are, are three guys who churn out some lovely blues-infused rock.

The album, We Stole the Stars From the Black Night, features eleven tracks that are ridiculously easy to listen to. From ballads to blues to rock’n’roll, they manage to touch on pretty much all the classic rock genres without sounding like they should just stick to one and leave the others alone.

Basically, they’re great musicians doing what they do best. But I’ll let their music speak for itself…

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