New Band of the Day: Relentless

Relentless - Souls of Charon
Relentless – Souls of Charon

To distinguish themselves from other Relentlesseseseseses, the band’s facefart page can be found at RelentlessChicago. You can tell they like keeping things local as their upcoming debut album was recorded, edited and mixed in Chicago and will be released by a label based the the city as well.

That album is called Souls of Charon and it’s due out on November 10th.

There’s very little additional information about the band around that I can find, but there are two sample songs you can enjoy via ReverbNation (which I can’t embed on here). They define themselves as “heavy/doom” and that’s them in a nutshell. What’s unusual, to me, is the female vocalist. I think Relentless are the first doom metal band I’ve come across with a woman singing. Not that it doesn’t work or anything – Carlee is pretty damn good – it’s just a “first”.

If the previews really float your boat then you can even pre-order the album for $10, wish varying shipping charges depending on where you live.

I was disappointed to see that shipping and handling to the UK was $8.88. Surely there should be a $2.22 discount just for humour value?

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