New Band of the Day: Regeneration of Mind

Regeneration of Mind
Regeneration of Mind

Regeneration of Mind are a Russian band and pretty much all the information I can find about them online is in their native tongue. As such, any details below are either my own opinion or generated with the aid of Google Translate.

In other words, if it’s complete cobblers, blame Google.

They’re a six-piece from Moscow and claim to be experimental / deathcore. Indeed, they have an unusual sound which mixes deathcore with slower, more traditional rock or prog segments. The deathcore side of things itself occasionally jumps through odd rhythms, taking on board a bit of a mathcore sound.

From what I can gather, they’ve been together since 2010. And they have a couple of EPs out, plus a recent single (“Farenheit”). They’re currently working on more stuff. Their sound has changed over time, they’re the first to admit it, but they seem to have stabilised with the more recent material.

In a nutshell, that’s Regeneration of Mind. What’s important, though, is the music and you can sample a ton of it online. I don’t think I’ve ever put a bigger list of links under an article…

Official Page | SoundCloud | facebook | twitter | ReverbNation | youtube | MySpace

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