New Band of the Day: Pestifer

Pestifer (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

After mistaking them for a similarly-named band from Porto in my review of the Nile / Ex Deo gig, I thought the least I could do to make it up to them would be to feature them as NBotD. Ladies and gentlemen, Pestifer from the lovely town of Liège in Belgium.

The founding members, and rhythmic core of the band, are brothers Adrien and Phil Gustin (bass and drums respectively). The current line-up adds Jerome on vocals, Antoine and Edison on guitars.

They fit neatly into the death metal category and do a good job of it. As I said, I caught them live recently and they did a more than acceptable job of getting a quiet crowd warmed up and shouting at the start of the night. No nerves, no messing about, just a quick and brutal performance that showcased a handful of their tunes.

As ever, the acid test is to hear what they sound like so you’ll find “Contagious” from their debut – and currently only – full length album Age of Disgrace below.

For more on the band, they have a pretty neat website and the obligatory facefart page which they do update nice and regularly.

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