New Band of the Day: Novacrow


Welcome Kitty, John, Freddy and Alex. No, they’re not the new dancers on Rainbow (I am so showing my age), they’re Novacrow – a female-fronted rock act from the West Midlands. With influences including Skid Row, AC/DC and Alice Cooper you can get an idea of their sound.

Talking of the sound, it’s dirty and sleezy. Imagine the aforementioned Alice Cooper doing on of his really slimy numbers. Talking down to the listener as much as singing. That’s what Kitty does. Actually, on a re-listen to “Black Syrup”, I’m feeling shades of Marilyn Manson as well (and I don’t mean that in a bad way).

“The Bottom of the Food Chain” is a bit more of a mixture of sounds – up-tempo in places, balladic in others.

Beyond a couple of Youtube videos (one of them below), there’s little online that I can find. However, if the rest of their material is up to this standard then they are definitely worth checking out.

Their facefart page has a “band page” where you can listen to the music as well, if that works better for you than videos.

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November 25, 2014 11:57 PM

[…] are a bunch of rowdy young upstarts who I featured as Band of the Day just over a year ago. They’re from the West Midlands and they play rock and […]

October 18, 2015 12:03 PM

[…] Former Band of the Day Novacrow are back with a great new video that’s just been released. Featuring the band being chased by hordes of the undead, it’s as much Scooby Doo as it is George A. Romero. But with a better soundtrack than either. […]

February 12, 2016 11:15 AM

[…] Former band of the day Novacrow are finally ready to release their debut EP Black Syrup. Here at Moshville Times we have been following Novacrow for the past few months so it’s nice to see a larger collection of songs by them on one EP for the first time. Rather smartly the guys have gone for a consolidation of songs that represent where they are now at this early stage of their career rather than just rushing out new songs for the sake of it. […]