New Band of the Day: Lyra


Note: not Lycra which my aging brain keeps wanting to type. Although musically they’re every bit as tight *rimshot*

Stamford, Connecticut plays home to this melodic/prog five piece. Blending elements of melodic, death, prog, symphonic and classic metal(s), Lyra claim to be better than Game of Thrones. It says so on their official website so it must be true.

There is also a tenuous connection between Connecticut and their lyrical matter of choice, that being swords, armour and the like. Bear with me… There’s an old book by Mark Twain called A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court about an inadvertent time-traveller ending up in medieval times. Disney filmed a version back in the 1970’s as The Spaceman and King Arthur (or Unidentified Flying Odball in some territories) for those who’d rather whack some sci-fi in there as well.


They formed (or began to form, according to the profile on their facefart profile) in 2012. As such, I can’t find much about them online and only the one song which I’ve embedded below. Indeed, the undertone of their comments and profile is that Lyra is very much an emerging band so to have one fully-produced track (especially at over eight minutes in length) isn’t bad going.

Basically, it sounds like they could be one to watch if they tick your musical boxes. It’s always good to be in at the start so you can tell everyone at the tenth anniversary party that you were following them when they had one track up on SoundCloud.

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