New Band of the Day: Living Deäd Lights

Living Dead Lights
Living Dead Lights

Living Deäd Lights are US-based, but a big mix internationally as far as band members go. They’re from Kyoto, the Irish Republic, Austin (Texas) and Hollywood. No idea how they all got together, but I’d be interested in finding out.

They were “discovered” by Doug Goldstein who used to manage G’n’R back in the day. Their debut album, Black Letters, is out in January 2014. They recorded it with Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones), David Spreng (Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper) and Tom Baker (NIN, Marilyn MansonRob Zombie). A pretty decent crew, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Now, unfortunately, although I’ve heard the album and can verify that it is some pretty damn slick rock music, I can’t stream any tracks from it as yet. However, the band do have some older material online which is where I got the video below.

They have a very punky sound to them – full of energy. They remind me more of Skid Row at their most frenetic, or early Guns N’ Roses before they had a huge budget. Think Lies rather than Use Your Illusion.

You’ll have to trust me that their newer stuff is worth waiting for. Keep an eye on their official page or whatever (links below) for news of its release.

facebook | twitter | youtube | myspace | official

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