New Band of the Day: Levania


Levania’s own facefart page admits that their style is a little hard to pin down and settles for “Gothic-Epic-Death-Metal”. Either way, this Italian five-piece are worthy of a few minutes of your time to check them out.

They’ve been together since 2007, and have a second album (Renascentis) due out early in 2014. The first track from it, “Seven Times To Forget” can be played below.

Within it, you’ll hear a variety of sounds which stays true to their own brief description. Vocals are shared between deathy-growly (Still/Ricky) and more harmonic (Ligeia). They’re right to say that they’re not a purely gothic metal sound. There’s definitely some of the epic/orchestral to it, mainly added by the keyboards.

Check ’em out and if you like them, there’s the original album to buy and the new one to sit and wait for!

Header image by Patrizia Cogliati

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